violets, hands, symmetry

violets; violet baudelaire from asoue and violet from the incredibles, who’ve always struck me as alike in so many ways and who are both my faves! also bloodbuzz ohio off the national’s high violet album, a song i’ve never understood but always loved fiercely 

hands; bel x freddie — nobody, not even the rain; hands by the dutchess and the duke; the raven cycle and hands that know and let’s be still by the head and the heart; pretty much any otp that’s ever broken my heart :))))

symmetry; such great heights by the postal service; the lynburn legacy by sarah rees brennan; orphan black


Buffy Meme  [1/7] characters →  anya

What if I’m really nobody?

omg FACE/OFF i recently watched it and loved it but damn that’s scarring?? and ahh your answers are great :333

it’s my mum’s favourite movie and she made me watch it when i was, like, TEN. so scary so scary

thunderstorms; susan pevensie; traffic lights

thunderstorms; wind whistling through loose windows and a fine frenzy and laura marling playing on the ipod; homemade candles for powercuts and everyone playing word games in the dark; sailing paper boats on flooded streets; i capture the castle

susan pevensie; i’m not even going to do associations here i’m just going to talk about how angry i am always going to be that susan pevensie, lovely brave fierce wonderful caring susan, got punished for growing up. for not staying stuck, static, for aslan to instruct and command. i hope she grew up and wore lots of lipstick and sheer stockings and laughed her way through life and missed her siblings, as she must, but made a life that was hers and that was as adventurous and thrilling and fulfilling as she deserved! can you tell that i really really love susan pevensie

traffic lights; for red; for orange; for green

unicycles, fun fairs, purple

unicycles; that scene in princess diaries 2 please tell me i am not imagining this scene

fun fairs; because my mother made me watch face/off at much too young an age i’ve been scared of carousels forever; carousel by vanessa carlton; this kind of ride — i don’t know what it’s called but i’ve been on one just once in a park in malaysia and it was lovely, like flying

purple; when i was very small i was drinking coke from a glass bottle while attempting to balance on a friend’s toy wagon (i think? i don’t remember the details. i do remember that my friend was also called tara). so, of course, i overbalanced; the coke bottle fell on me and cut me on my wrist. i still have the scar on my wrist; i distinctly remember it as being purple for years but it’s faded into near-invisibility now. i hope it doesn’t completely disappear — it’s the kind of weirdly defining childhood memory that’s important for no real reason

aliens, cheesy pasta, chris evans

aliens; do you ever cry

cheesy pasta; lovely long nights of vanilla lattes and too-loud voices and tired feet and stupid card games and talking, talking, talking, and tv shows and post-midnight food runs

chris evans; NOT A PERFECT SOLDIER BUT A GOOD BAE; this fricken post; we should play beer pong

autumn, lens flare, pop music

autumn; lovely creepy books like rosemary’s baby and rebecca;songs like this and this

lens flare; when i was really young and got my first pair of glasses, my eye doctor told me ‘when you go home, look at the stars. look at the leaves on the trees’ and i did and it was a revelation — i always thought trees were just a mushy green mess, i never knew you could see individual leaves!! years later erica hahn said literally the same thing on grey’s anatomy and i was v offended because i didn’t care for her and i said it first

pop music; areweoutofthewoodsyet; secret favourite song; time for a clueless rewatch while you’re at it because people who don’t like pop music / teen romcoms need to LOVE THEMSELVES

sun, trains, harry styles

sun; once we were on holiday somewhere in the hills and it was a magical perfect week with too-cold dark rooms and inefficient heating and we’d wake up to frost-covered grass, and i spent the whole holiday sitting under a tree in the winter sunshine with a book and a fine frenzy’s one cell in the sea on repeat and it’s probably the happiest i’ve ever been

trains; barbara hambly’s traveling with the dead which is about vampires and linguists and IMPLIED POLYAMORY and might not even be about trains, on hindsight, but it’s the first thing that came to mind; train song by feist and ben gibbard; reading gone with the wind on a long train journey when i was about thirteen

harry styles; once niri (that’s you niri) and her friend nina decided to GET INTO A GIANT CARDBOARD BOX and attempt to WALK IN IT and it was a spectacular disaster and further proof that niri is actually harry styles


ask meme: put three things in my askbox that look like they could be part of an ask meme, but in truth are just a string of barely-related words/letters. i will answer them somehow.

some examples:

  • apple juice, marigold, J
  • 37, mint chip, periwinkle
  • tesseract, tin can, bulb